Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am a commissioned Centurion

Last weekend I traveled up to Washington DC again for the final trip of my Centurion's program. We were there for the last intense weekend of training and fellowship as well as our commissioning ceremony!
I was excited to go and had been praying for God's will and for us to bring him glory through the weekend. All my fellow Centurion's and I were invited to bring our spouses and enjoy a packed weekend. Jonathan wasn't able to make it so I went solo. It was great fun to meet all the spouses of friends I had been making all year!
The weather was cold and snowy which was fun to see. I ended up getting deathly ill while I was there but I would not let it distract me from being present or learning. (Although I did try to stay away from everyone else;-)
Friday afternoon and evening I heard some amazing talks about how to continue pursuing God and his worldview now that we go on into the world. Saturday we spent the day seeking revival personally and asking God to come and do something in our hearts and in the lives of those we encounter. Saturday night, PFM-Breakpoint held their Wilberforce Award Ceremony where we saw Al Quie honored for his service and leadership through the years as a believer and change maker. It was neat to see Chuck Colson honor someone who meant so much to him!
Sunday we had a blessed worship service and commissioning ceremony with TM Moore & Chuck Colson. It was very special to walk the stage and receive the baton from them to carry on! It also came with lots of responsibility as we are asked to write a 3-year plan and petition God to see where he leads us to use our training. The program may have ended but we are just beginning!
I will keep you posted on what God does next! I can't even imagine but I am excited to be used by him!
God Bless!!!! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where are my spheres of influence?

Back again! Sorry it's been a few days. Work has been crazy with all the New Year's Resolution Rush (exercise and nutrition are hot commodities for a few weeks). I have been meeting with lots of people to help them create and reach their nutrition and physical activity goals for 2008.
Our church is praying and working on a strong evangalism emphasis this winter. They are asking us to pray and engage those around us for Christ, not just to get them to come to church for Easter but to give them a chance to see a christian life being walked out besides them in the real world. At 1st glance, this emphasis makes me a little squirmy because I have always hated "evangalism" in the sense of knocking on someone's door to tell them the gospel. Even as I write this I hate to say that this is how I feel. I love God and certainly want everyone to find him but I have to be honest and say that sometimes I am scared to share him for fear of what they will think of me. Then I often feel like I don't know to many lost ones or those questioning spiritual matters. Who would I share with?
2007 I spent the year working on learning, growing and gaining confidence in my faith through the Centurion's program ( so I would be prepared for just this. As I have finished this program, I have been praying for a way to use my knowledge and passion for God. Yet here I am being uncomfortable about it!
Then God caught my mind with a phrase "engage others where your lives cross".
To go back up to my 1st thoughts, I encounter people in some of the most personal ways through what I do each day. Literally working with them on bettering their health, lifestyle and future. I have many opportunities to engage others, offer encouragement and live out my faith before them. God has provided me with ample opportunities and I have not seen them or realized that they were there. In my exercise classes alone, I have a captive audience and we can have some great conversations as we work out! How cool is that? I think I have been looking for or operating out of preconceived notions rather than seeing where God has placed me and why he has placed me here!
So now, I will be praying for my eyes to remain open and my heart to be willing and sensitive to the spirit's leading! I am excited about what God can do if I let Him work through me! I will keep you posted on all the goings on and how I do. Thanks God for opening my eyes and heart and giving me a chance to practice what I preach, I love you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008- New Year Thoughts

So today is back to work!
All the holidays are done, my christmas decorations are down and I am getting back into the full swing of things with all my schedules. 2008 yawns ahead of me with many new opportunities and waiting to see where God takes us this year. But my heart is contemplative about a few things too...
-2008 elections- I believe this will be a most crucial turning point for America. For good or for evil. I am burdened to pray harder and deeper.
-The awakening of the body of Christ- because we are in such a pivotal point, I think believers are going to have to become more serious. There will be less riding the fence and being semi-committed because the price and consequences for being a true christian are rising.
-Knowing why you believe what you believe and how to articulate it will be vital. The Centurion's program is such a blessing and such a responsibility. I think God will be doing something with this but I am not sure what.
-Jonathan's business is at a critical cross-roads and God is blessing them but will also ask of them for His purpose. I must pray continually for them, strength, wisdom, integrity and a willingness to obey whatever He asks!
There are more thoughts swirling but I am not sure how to articulate them yet! I will keep posting.