Thursday, October 11, 2012

Engaging in meaningful conversation

Having a toddler who is learning more and more speech and actually wanting to engage in conversation is lots of fun! But it can be exasperating sometimes too! Sometimes I find myself wanting to share the meaningful stuff with him but I am not sure what makes sense and how much he is actually getting. Now I know he won't understand deep theological concepts yet but I find myself wanting to share ideas with him and engage him in a way that connects with him anyways.
A few things I have found fun and helpful are:
~ Simple coloring or drawing together
~ Reading
~ Prayer together in the car, at home, at bedtime and anywhere we can fit it in
~ Singing and music to share concepts
~ Asking questions
~ Dancing

But here is a great post I read about how to engage with your kids and it got me to thinking. How do we engage with our children and others around us in meaningful ways? How do you start a spiritual conversation that makes sense to the other person, allows them to open up and you have a great time sharing together?

Suddenly I am more aware of how I engage or wanting to engage others. I would love to hear your ideas out there too!