Thursday, April 29, 2010

Looking at David's example

I have been studying some of king David's life and God showed me something I hadn't thought about before.
I was studying David's fall with Bathsheba and the four fold consequences of his sin. The four fold consequences used to seem harsh to me but the Holy Spirit revealed that David's consequences were in proportion to his sin and that David humbly accepted them because he understood his God. He knew that God was completely holy and could not allow David to get away with his sin. He also understood that God was merciful and loved him even during the consequences.
The really cool thing that struck me was that God redeemed David's sin. In the short term God blessed David and Bathsheba with another son- Solomon- who carried on his lineage and eventually brought about Christ through God's hand. In the long term, millions of people have learned about God's forgiveness, mercy and restoration through seeing David's life illustrated in the bible. How awesome is our God for that kind of love and grace extended to all of us!

2 John 1:3 NIV
Grace, mercy and peace will be with us, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newsy update

Just can't believe that it is April already. I have been meaning to get on here and blog several times and just haven't gotten around to it. 2010 has been extremely busy so far. I think that I mentally decided to cram as much into the months before the baby came as possible since I will be bowing out of so many things after he is here (or so I imagine).
I have been working a lot more on several of my contract jobs and God has been faithful to bring a new dietitian to take over for me on some of them once the baby comes. Needless to say, training and making sure everything is ready to turn over has been an extra job! But it is going well and I am thankful for God's provision.
I am working on maternity leave details and how much work I am going to do after I come back . I struggle with this area because I have a hard time saying "NO" and I feel responsible to keep up the same level of excellence and commitment after the baby comes. I am praying about this and asking for God's help but it has been a struggle and he isn't even here yet. God is in control and my hubby has been a great sounding board to help too!
I have been taking 2 bible studies, teaching 1 and helping lead 1 this semester so that has been a little nutty but so good. God has really been teaching me in different ways with each study and the people that I am coming to know. Lots of reorganization of my selfish flesh and putting others over myself. That is great but also a struggle each day. It can be painful but I am pushing myself to do it because it is for God's glory and not about me. But when May hits, I am going to be ready to transition for a little break. I am praying about what to study to stay in the word and spend daily time with God over the summer and with a new little one.
We have had a busy family season with one of my siblings getting married and helping with that. It went fantastic but needless to say we have had a lot more family time, parties and visitors than usual. They were excited to get the wedding over with and just be married. Now real life is settling in! ;-)
Lastly I have been loving the spring weather. This year was a hard winter because it was long and dreary but God has been so faithful with the pretty weather and beautiful growth and green. Everywhere we look something is growing and blooming. My hubby is a little dismayed at this because it means more yard work but it is still a reminder of the renewal of the LORD and I am grateful for that!
Isaiah 61:11 NIV
"For as the soil makes the sprout come up, and a garden causes seed to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations."